Short and Sweet.

Technical difficulties downloading pictures this week.  Here’s a few with the new Mission President, President Simmons and his family:



Sounds like life is moving along there. That is good.

IMG_0047 (3)          IMG_0059 (2)

This week was alright.  Not a ton went on. Seemed like every day I came home frustrated for some reason or another!  Kind of annoying.  But our trio had to come to a close when we dropped Sister Nixon off at the train to go to the airport to go to Singapore to pick her child up (new missionary).  Kind of sad to see it end.  We had a good time!

Pres and KL Zone

We have Sister Archibald living with us now and that is way fun.  She is awesome. This is her first time in Malaysia and she goes home in November.  So it’s fun to show her around a bit.


Our investigators are doing well. The Indian family isn’t really doing that great the language barrier is what is keeping them from progressing and it is super frustrating but what do ya do, right? Smit, Francis and Johnson are all doing well.

IMG_0111 (2)

It was Hari Raya on the 17th so everyone had school and work off.  The mall was crawling with people.  Did some good contacting!

I Love You!!

Sister Koford


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