I don’t want to go to jail tonight!


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This week was good.  Remember when I told you about how we sang at the interfaith conference?  Well, apparently it is going to be on Mormon News Room.  There are pictures and an article called Interfatith Gathering in Kuala Lumpur.  Go check it out.  Also, Elder Hadley told us to have everyone (family/friends) “like” it.  Also, Church headquarters got wind of it and they are going to put it in the Deseret News so look for it, ha.  I believe the website is mormomnewsroom.my.

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The work continues here in Subang.  The Indian family we are working with are not really progressing. They don’t come to church which is frustrating and we need a Tamil translator but only a few people speak Tamil.  Other than that, they are great. A recent convert that speaks Tamil, Brother Bany, comes to the lessons with us.  One night he went and bought the little boy new glasses because his were broken. He was using his sister’s glasses so they weren’t even his prescription.  Brother Bany got up and bore his testimony about sister Rofort (me) getting him a discount for being with Jesus.  Ha, he’s a funny guy.

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Then our other investigators, Smit and his friend Francis, are on date now so that is cool that the lord prepared them so well.  The first question Smit asked is how do I become a member of this church??  It was way cool to see how when people are diligent and keep commitments the lord prepares them far more than my words ever could.

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One night we were riding the bus home and what do you know we get stopped by the police for a check again.  I thought I had this one in the bag…I had just done this, no problem.  Then I looked in my bag and could not find the copy of my passport anywhere!!  Ha, I was like crap, crap.  I had been taping it up earlier that day and must have forgotten to put it back!  I didn’t know what to do!  I took my tag off quick and just like kept looking through my stuff.  I was sitting in the back away from the other two amigos so I was away from them.  Well, Mr. Police Man comes to me and is like impatient, “Where is it”?  I was just looking through my stuff like, “I don’t know”, haha.  I was like, “I have a driver’s license, mtc card”, ha.  He’s like, “You got an id card”??  “You student”?  He left and checked another dude and came back.  I was like, “Uhh, nope”.  Please don’t take me away.  I don’t want to go to jail tonight! Haha, then I thought he waved me to come with him but I still sat there like I don’t wanna go to jailtonight!!  Then, he just like blew me off as if he was in a rush and took a couple other dudes with him! WHEW!!  I was so lucky!  I know Heavenly Father was looking out for me!  He helped that police man feel rushed and get off the bus!  So, no worries.  I went right straight home and put that right back into my bag!

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The other day we were on exchanges and we were with this member and I knew I smelled durian…As we were driving she wanted to be so kind and give us a durian puff.  I was reluctant and didn’t want one but I ate it anyway.  I didn’t mentally prepare myself so I was dying, haha.  She made us shove the whole thing in and my eyes were watering so bad and I was trying not to gag and spit it out and also not to laugh because I knew I looked ridiculous!  Oh man, I don’t know how people like that stuff so much!  It’s almost durian season also.  I think she felt bad so she went and bought us drinks!

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We got to go to a david glen hatch piano concert it was pretty good!  He is very talented and entertaining! That kinda concert thing is not really up my ally but it was nice to get to listen to some good music.

Also, we got to meet the new mission president and his wife. They are wonderful. They are quite a bit younger than the Mains. They just had a daughter get back from her mission in February one is out on a mission in Hungary and a son who just turned 18 at BYU waiting for his call to come.  So they will have one come home to Singapore and one leave from here!  They are very pleasant people.  It will take some getting used to but I’m excited to see what can be done.

Also, yes, I am waiting on transfer news.  I think we’re going to stay the same.  Unfortunately, our trio has to end ;(

Love You!!!

Much love: Sister Koford 🙂


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