4th of July….in Malaysia

Hey guys! 🙂

IMG_1558  IMG_1568

Sounds like you all had a great week and a good 4th!  Good on ya, hahah.  Funniest thing, our branch decided to do a fourth of July bbq, ha….all the way in Malaysia.  It was really fun.  Kinda strange they decided to do a bbq all the way in Malaysia, but hey, I will not complain.  It helped me feel a little more at home!  Subang Branch is the best. We went and flew kites and played a few games and, of course, makan makan!  They sent us home with soo much food!

IMG_1676  IMG_1694

That is wonderful you got to go to the temple! You know that is one thing I REALLY miss!  Ah, you don’t know what you’ve got till you can’t go.  It is true!!  I love that place!  A dream of mine is to go while I am a missionary still!

IMG_1689  IMG_1687  IMG_1667

This week the three amigos (myself, Nix, and Chamings) had a little fun.  We travel WAY more than we did just in our area because Sister Nixon is Bahasa speaking from KL branch so we cover quite a lot of ground!  We can only make like one or two appointments a day because of the travel time!  It’s crazy and traveling makes you SO tired!  But it’s good and way fun.  It’s interesting trying to balance two areas, but it is good.  Sister Nixon will get a new companion in another week.  There will be 8 new Bahasa speaking sisters coming in the next transfer!

IMG_1696  IMG_1640

Funny story of the week:  So we are on this metro bus…they are the jankie buses here!  You pay a ringet or so but they are always way packed so you’re standing.  Well, it was about 5 pm and that is when traffic gets really bad.  So, we’re just on the bus playing I spy or whatever and then the driver goes, “Hey, hey you”.  I turn and am like, “Me”?  He’s like, “Boleh, whats your name”??  So I am just like, “Sister Ko…” he’s all looking at me when all the sudden he goes, “Oh!”… and slams on the brakes!  We were inches from rear ending the car in front!  It was so funny.  All of his friends were making fun of him and he was so embarrassed!

IMG_1545  IMG_1570

Our Indian family is still on date but I am worried about them because they have not been to church in a while.  I just don’t know if they are really getting what we’re teaching.  They speak better Tamil.  Ah, it’s frustrating.  I want them to just flourish!  I think I just need to be more patient and say more specific prayers!

IMG_1579  IMG_1580

Our investigator, Smit, is great.  He loves learning from us and doesn’t seem to have an issue with anything.  I hope he can come to church this week and enjoy it!

IMG_1588  IMG_1592

We get to meet the new Mission President on Tuesday, so that will be good.  I really enjoyed the quotes you sent!  They were way good!  I was reading a talk this morning called The Miracle of a Mission by Elder Holland.  It was really good.  It touched on how a mission changes everything (I like to say it does if you let it!).  Elder Holland said a mission changes everything for future generations.  He said you need to give it your all, all day, every day because you want to have good stories to tell your children and grandchildren as they grow up.  I really liked that. His story about how he became a missionary is great.  I also talked the part about how President Hinkley struggled on his mission and wrote his dad that he was coming home!  It was a really good talk.

IMG_1608  IMG_1601

I am still reading the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon.  I can see how you need to be directed by the spirit in these chapter!

IMG_1613  IMG_1584  IMG_1614IMG_1629    IMG_1658

Sounds like you will all be doing a lot of traveling!  Be safe!!  Let Kris know I love her and I am very happy for her!  I got her wedding invitation the other day with my mail.  She is beautiful!!  Also, tell Rachel I love her and to go kill it out there!  I will write her a letter soon!

IMG_1644  IMG_1653  IMG_1664

I love you.  I hope you are all safe and happy and stay that way! 🙂

IMG_1671  IMG_1661

Lots of love: Sister Koford 🙂



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