Monkeys, Snails and Impromptu Talks

Hey hey ya’ll!

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This week for me was amazing! 🙂  Lots of good things happened, and yes, I agree, thank goodness for AC!!!  This morning we got a call from the AP’s and we are going to be in a trio for the next two weeks because one of the KL sisters is going home tomorrow.  We are going to be with Sister Nixon.  I love her so I am way stoked! 🙂

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So last Monday the Hadleys took us on a hike to some waterfalls. As you kept hiking up and up there were like 6 or 7 falls.  It was so amazing and beautiful!!!  I loved every second!!  We got to get out of the city for a bit and enjoy Gods creations! Ah, it was amazing.  It was also the hardest I have worked out in a while, haha.  It wasn’t like a set trail so you kinda had to make your own and we made it to the top finally.  The Hadleys only went to like the second waterfall and then turned us loose. Man, it was way fun!

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For district meeting we had to come up with the trolliest or gamin character in the scriptures so I shared about the talking donkey in numbers 22!

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We have a solid new investigator his name is Smit.  He is from Nigeria.  We were on our way to an apt one day and as we were walking we passed him and he dang near ran us down and wanted to talk!  I was a little fed up at the time because another guy from Nigeria (Jaraad) just did the same thing at the train station.  He wanted to “join our missionary work”… not, ha.  He wanted to get coffee and go to a movie.  We got his number and a few days later he called and Sister Chamings answered and he was like, “No, I want Koford.  Let me talk to Koford, haha.  So, I talked to him and he’s all, “Hey, how are you doing”?… I’m all like, “I told you before, dude, we don’t date or anything like that while we are missionaries.  We are here to teach about Jesus Chirst”.  Then he said, “Yes, I would like to join your missionary work”.  So I said, “Ok, well, we have elders who do the same thing, can I pass your number to them”?  Then he said, “What, you don’t want to do it just me and you?”…. I said, “Nope!  Haha, ok have a good day, bye!

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Back to Smit.  So we talked to him and he wanted to meet up with us so we arranged a time.  He was way solid.  He brought his friend and seemed way interested.  Then we met again the other day and he brought another friend.  They love listening and learning they are going to come to church so I am hoping for the best with this one! 🙂  Sister Chamings likes to make fun of me.  She says all the black guys and the Nigerians love me.  I am going to convert Nigeria, haha…

IMG_1525  IMG_1449

Then, from there, we had a dinner apt. clear in the middle of nowhere with the coolest Indian lady, Sister Margorit.  We were running late and had to take a taxi… I don’t like taxis!  But we got there late and she fed us like ten courses.  I was so sick after!  My goodness!  I was not hungry for like the next few days!  She even sent us with leftovers.  And on the way to the bus stop she bought us this sandwich thing!  Ah, I was wanting to throw up at this point!  It hurt so bad, haha.  All the food was really good though!

IMG_1376  IMG_1427

We had a lesson with the Indian family we have been working with.  I asked them if they would be baptized and they said yes!  All 7 of them!  The littlest one is studying away with grandma. She’s 7 so we will get her when she comes back.  The only issue is they haven’t come to church and they have a lot to learn.  They speak better Tamil.  We will work with them and help them really understand what they are getting into! They still worship Hindu Gods.  As we walked in they were lighting something up…ha, yeah, that’s going to need to quit as well,…okay, so they have a ways to go, but they want to be baptized!

IMG_1480  IMG_1500

We went to a wedding lunch of girl in our branch.  Sister Chamings said she was still full from Sisster Margorits and mind you, this was like three days later.  The wedding lunch was a buffet so we are expected to eat!  Man, I had to suck it up because all the people here are like, “Eat eat eat”. Wahhh, okay I’ll do it…I ate snail….gross, haha.

IMG_1414  IMG_1460

Then last night was wayy cool!  We had church and everything and you know how Heavenly Father thinks it’s funny that I can’t sing and stuff so he is giving me every opportunity to do so!… Well, there was this inter faith devotional with all different religions and Elder Hadley wanted us to sing in it.  So we have been practicing for a while…ha.  It was way fun though! We got to be with all these different religions,,  mostly muslim becuase it is Rhamadan.  We got there and they had us wash our feet before we went in.  Then we went and sat on prayer rugs and heard this Muslim guy talk about their fast and other things they do.  We were all waiting to break the fast for the night.  They break their fast by eating three dates and some other small things.  So, at 7:28 we broke the fast.  Then they did their prayer thing….we just sat and watched.  It was strange but interesting.  They put these white sheets on and stuff.  After that, we went and ate dinner and then it was performance time.  We got to be representatives for our religion.  We sang three songs.  Oh, before that, ha, the lady in charge was asking people to come up and tell about their thoughts on the night and stuff.  The zone leader, Elder Hunsaker went up, of course, because he is our zone leader.  And then they wanted a girl….Elder Hadley was like one of you go!  So I ended up going up, haha.  I don’t even know what I said because I couldn’t bear testimony so it was awkward, ha.  I was just like, “Uh, I’m grateful for this night.  It’s been way fun.  I’m so glad God made all of us so we could lean on each other and learn from each other”… Then I almost said in the name of Jesus Christ, amen…but I couldn’t, ha.  So, I was like, “Uh, yep that’s all I have to say”!…. It was weird.  I don’t even know what I said when I was up there, but, it was cool.  After we finished singing, they all loved the ‘Love at Home’ song and they wanted us to sing it again, haha!  But last night was way good!!

IMG_1430  IMG_1535

Yes, it is definitely an experience every single day! I love it!  Okay, no worries, lah!  Well, I am going to get out of here before I melt, sorry, or I would keep chatting!  I can’t take it any longer! Have a great week!!  I love you so much!!!

Love your girl: Sister Koford 🙂


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