Happy Father’s Day!!!

Greetings loved ones! HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY!!!!!!! 🙂

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This week for me was great. Kind of a slow week.  I enjoy the time we get to spend each day studying the Gospel.  One thing that stuck out to me during studies this week is that you have to be married in the temple to reach the highest glory in the celestial kingdom!  I knew that, but it just made a lot of sense to me this time!  I miss the temple so much and really hope I can go while I am still a missionary!

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This week we picked up a sister from KL Malaysia at the train station who is having trouble with her visa.  She stayed overnight with us and we took her to her flight the next morning.  She is supposed to be going to Australia but she is going to serve in East Malaysia until they get it figured out.  She is a sweetheart.

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We really need new investigators but it’s hard to find any.  We have only met with the Indian family since I’ve been here.  We have two others investigators but have not been able to meet with them so we’re probably going to end up dropping them which is sad because I really wanted to meet them.  One is a girl who is training for MMA fighting!  I was going to have her give me a few training sessions and tips 😉

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This week we went to meet with the Indian family and we never make an appt because they are hard to communicate with.  So we showed up and only one of the girls was outside.  She just finished with school and was locked out of the house.  She waiting for her little brother to come home and open door. We waited for over an hour with her then all of a sudden her door opened.  Her older brother had been there the whole time!!  I couldn’t believe it.  He let us in and then went back to his room.  So, we started teaching Suriasheeni.  She is 14 and struggles understanding English so we started with a story using the pictures in the Book of Mormon.  We had a whole lesson on faith planned but decided since it was just her, we would save it for when they could all be there.

IMG_1309   IMG_1302

We got half way through the lesson and the door opened and the mom and 5 kids came in!  I was in awe, haha!  The mom is always working and never available to meet.  We had been praying to be able to meet with her.  She just walked in there and they got us drinks and we all sat on the floor and they wanted to learn.  We got to teach about faith after all!  It was so good and they are so amazing.  Just all eyes and ears on you…kind of intimidating, but good.  I felt so bad because they haven’t had water in their building for like a week now, but they just kept giving us water.  I’m all, “No, save it for yourself”! Then they wanted to feed us and they don’t have money for that!  But they got these jello cups and little coffee cakes and put them on a platter for us to eat then just watched us eat.  It was really uncomfortable because I knew they were all starving and tired yet willing to give us what they had.  The poor little ones were trying to sneak food and they just stared at ours.  They kept getting into trouble.  As we were leaving, I looked back and they were just stuffing their faces with our leftovers.  I wanted to just cry for them.

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Oh, it’s also Rambutan (or somethin like that) where the muslims fast for 30 days. Apparently, at the end, it’s like their Christmas, so it’s a big deal.  McDonalds seems to be the place of choice when anyone wants to take us to eat.  I have not eaten so much American fast food in my life.  Alright, I think I am winding down and gonna head out.  Thank you for everything! Happy Father’s Day again!  Have a great week!!! I LOVE YOU! 🙂

Love: Sister Koford 🙂


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