Sister Chaming’s and Sister Koford’s Whitewashing Adventures

This week was great!  The people here are wonderful and I don’t know that I have ever been more tired in my life!

IMG_1205 IMG_1238

We are working with an amazing family; a mother and her 7 children.  They are Indian.  They love to have us over and we sit on the floor while they all sit around us and just listen to us teach!  We have to make it interesting because they are children and need a little interaction!  We also need a translator most of the time because they speak Tamil and I only speak a few words, ha.  Also it’s hard because the mother works every day of the week from 9 till 10 at night so we rarely see her.  She still sends her kids to church with a recent convert!  They are so great!  Then we teach Kelvin who is a recent convert.  His wife is a member and we go to their house each week and trade off teaching so one week he will teach us and the next we teach.


The people of the Subang Branch are wonderful.  I love it because it is so diverse.  There are Malaysians, Chinese, Ghanans, White, Singaporeians, Indian, Phillipino, you name it they are there. They are all so willing to help and love the missionaries.


This week on Sister Chaming’s and Sister Koford’s whitewashing adventures we set out to find a less active whom was in our area book. We found his address on the map and decided we would go find the guy!  Ha, you have to know I have never used a map for serious purposes…ever, so, this is all new to me!  But we decided to take the bus that we thought would go to the area he lives.  We usually look for something to say dmansara or a hint of where we are then get off and walk.  So, we’re on the bus and we had been for like 45 mins. and we were in an area we had been to once before.  The bus turns to go over a bridge and there are the police.  I’m like, “Yeah, no big deal.  I have seen this before.  They just sit on the side of the road”.  But this time they decided to flag down our bus.  When they did that, everyone started whispering and pulling things out of their pockets.  I’m not sitting by Sister Chamings.  She is further back and across the way. Well, I noticed it was passports everyone was whippin’ out.  It clicked.  I remember someone telling me all the police really do here is look for illegal people.  So, it clicked that they were doing a check for illegals.  Lucky for me, I caught on and luckily I remembered my bag with the copy of my passport! 🙂  So, I whiped that puppy out.  The somewhat angry looking police officer is going along in his authoritative police style taking passports and looking them over.  I looked at Sister Chamings and she sneekily hinted to me to take my badge off!!  So, as natural as possible, I just kinda look around and take it off and put it in my bag!  He got to where I was sitting and the nice lady next to me…he yanked her off the bus!  I was like, “Oh snap”, ha.  Then he put his hand out for my passport and I gave it to him.  He examined it for a second, looked it over a few times and looked at me, then handed it back.  I was like, “whew, I made it”, haha.  Then he got to Sister Chamings and questioned her a little as to where her original one was and she just was like, “In the hotel, lah”!  But he let her go as well so we were all good! 🙂  Although, about 7 people were taken off the bus!  We never found the guys house or where he stayed but got a nice bus ride out of it and saw our area a little bit!  As we got off the bus to grab a drink from a little umbrella along the road and switch busses to go back, these cute little girls wanted to take pictures!  They always get sooo excited when you say you will.


So, you know you have been in Aisa awhile when you start saying your individual prayers in Singlish and whatever other language you’ve picked up, hahaha.  Last night I was soo tired and I knelt down to say my prayers and after a while I caught myself and had to laugh a little.  I was praying in another language!


Last week we went to the fish spa and got our feet eaten by fish it was so weird and awesome at the same time!  Also, it is soo hot here!


I love the video Missionary Work and the Atonement by Elder Holland and President Eyring!  It is really good.  You should watch it.


I kind of feel like I’ve lost my touch since coming here to Malaysia!  I guess I am just still trying to adjust and figure it out and be an actual missionary away from my trainer!  It’s so good though!

I am going to head now into the blistering sun. 😉  Have a great week. Lots of love, your Malaysia Sister Koford 🙂


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