Whitewashing Subang

Hi Family,


This week was pretty good. Sounds like things were a bit more calm for you all there.  That is good.  I made it Malaysia.  I feel like I started my mission over.  This place is so much different than Singapore.  As I was flying in and landing, I was amazed at the thousands and thousands of palm trees!  Open space! Coming in on the train it was red dirt in a forest of palm trees….I even saw a few cows!! 🙂  There were little huts in the forest…just jankly little places but I just had to smile.  It made me feel free.  Then we got to PJ where we stay.  Compared to Singapore, it is more run down and kinda dirty, but I love it.  We live with the PJ Sisters.  They are the STLs.  We live about an hour outside of our area.  It takes about an hour to 1 1/2 hours to get there depending on traffic, rain and such.  Oh man, the transportation system here has a lot to be desired.  We either ride the bus or walk and you never know when buses are going to come.   So, you could be waiting for a bus for an hour or longer.  That’s on top of the travel time to our area.  So, it is hard to schedule appointments because you never know when you’ll get there, ha.


White washing is an adventure.  Nothing like being thrown into a new country, not knowing anything or anyone and trying to get around. The streets nor the bus stops have names so you never know where you are, ha.  The signs and everything are in Malay and that is what everyone speaks.  It would be really helpful if I knew some of the language!


But the Lord has not left our side.  We decided to go see if we could find some members homes and maybe see our area a little bit.  Neither of us know anything; what bus to take, where to get off…but we had a map, haha, and an address of a home.  So we went out.  I had to ask a lot of people a lot of questions to finally get pointed in a general direction toward the address. I was asking the bus driver where to get off and he dropped us off on the side of the highway.  So, we got off and just looked around there wasn’t much there, ha.  So, we walked around to see if we could find a street on the map and get some idea of direction.  Story cut short, we finally found the place.  The lady was not home but she was at church, so that was good, haha!  We could not have done it without the Lord’s help because I just started walking and thought, “Yep, this way looks good”, haha.  This is how we have been getting around the last few days!


Church yesterday was good.  The place we meet in is a part of a strip mall.  It is the last one.  So that is where our little branch meets and the people are so good.  They are so nice.  I only understand about half of church because a lot of it is spoken in Malay.


For morning studies today, I read the talk from Rosemary M. Wixon from this past conference.  It is titled Returning to Faith!  It is so good!  I loved the quote, “find joy in the journey” from President Monson.  Also, the quote by Jeffery R. Holland near the end.  I also liked the part where her grandparents told her to focus on what she knows.  I feel like that is exactly what I needed to hear!


My new comp. is great!  Sister Chamings is from Queensland, Australia (Brisbane Mission), whoop, whoop, haha! [Note from Dad: That’s my mission!]  She is one of 13 children.


It is soooo hot here!  Maybe it is just because I am out walking and outside more, but it’s real warm.


-Sister Koford 🙂


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