Headed To Subang, Malaysia!

IMG_1134IMG_1082WOW Sounds like a crazy week!!!  So much is happening!  How was the graduation!?  That is sooooo freaking awesome Kaden is going to Honduras!  WOW, I AM SO EXCITED for Kate!  Wow!!  This is really hard.  Tell her congrats and I am so excited for her!  That is so wonderful.  It is sad to hear about Ken.  That one was kind of coming though.  My goodness, yes, I heard about Elder Perry.  I am so excited he gets to continue the work on the other side!


Ahh, lion pups :).  Eat a few for me!  Sounds like you have had a great week and the missionaries there are doing well…haha, steak… I really wish I could eat one of those right now!  I got so freaking stuffed with salmon the other day at a members!  I thought I was going to pop!   I love that quote by President Hinckley.  Thank you!!


This week was good. Transfer news is today so I am waiting on that while I email you!  So much change is happening.  They are going to have to close 4 English Sister areas because there isn’t enough sisters.


We were walking around delivering stuff one day and it was so hot, but we saw some miracles. One potential I called while Sister Kelley was on a visa run said she would meet with us but she had to bring her dog because it just had surgery.  So we gave her a tour of the church and taught the restoration along the way.  She is Catholic so at the beginning, while we were talking about Christ, she was agreeable and seemed like nothing was new.  As we progressed, she became intrigued about all the things she did not know about!  She was so interested.  At the end of the tour, we ended in the chapel and we asked her to be baptized by someone with the priesthood authority and she goes, “OF COURSE”!  “If God has a calling for me then, yes, of course I will be baptized!  Is there somewhere I could buy some materials and books so I can continue to learn?”  We said, “No need to buy, here are some things”!  Then when we told her she could come to church.  She was like, “Really?  I can come?  Even though I am not a Mormon?” We were like, “Yes, we would love it if you would come.”  It was so awesome to see God answer a specific prayer that we had been praying for! 🙂


Also, there was another lady I happened to send a pic to when Sister Kelley was on a visa run.  We had put her into “formers” because we thought she was just not ready yet.  But, I got the prompting to send her a picture I have hanging up about how heavenly father loves us and answers us.  She sms me back and said, “I was thinking of you guys last night.  Could we meet on Thursday?”  I was like, “Whatt!  Yes we can!  So we met with her and it went well.  Then she wanted us to teach her son!  She’s like, “He has been asking questions about God and I don’t know how to answer them.”  She said, “Google did us well for the Muslim Mosques and stuff but I need some help.  Could you come over next week”?  There are some other cool things that happened.  I’ll have to tell you sometime.  On our way to emailing today this fella on the MRT kept looking at us then at our tags then at us then got up and was like, “Oh, Jesus Christ.  (this is all in half Chinese)  Where’s your church?  I live here.  Have my hand number and I am free after ten on this day!”  It was awesome.


I am waiting for our transfer news to come in right now….OH MY GOSH I AM GOING TO SUBANG MALAYSIA!!!!! OH MY GOSH, I AM WHITEWASHING SUBANG !!! AHH.  My new companion is Sister Chammings.  She is from Australia!  Oh my gosh!  I can only have 40 lbs….one bag!  Oh my gosh!  I have to pack.  Okay, I better get off.  I don’t really want to.  I have so much to talk about!  I am glad you are all doing well.  The pics were great.  Have a great week!  I love you!

Sister Koford


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