Just Following the Spirit

Hi Family,


This week was better than last! 🙂 We had a lesson with Julie and she took us to lunch because Sister Kelley is leaving.  We went to this Japanese restaurant and it was way good.  She has been struggling to come to church because she does not like the members in Toa Payoh.  We taught her about keeping the Sabbath day and she agreed to do so.  It was great being able to bring the spirit into the little restaurant.  Then we had lunch with Guo.  She’s not an investigator.  She walks around the church and we see her a bunch.  She likes Sister Kelley so she took us for Korean food which was also really good.  I had glass noodles.  It’s funny the Koreans eat with metal chopsticks and I am just getting used to the plastic and wooden ones so the metal was a bit of an adjustment.  If you can only imagine me trying to eat noodles with them, haha.


We met with Miri, our 17 year old investigator, and we kind of just had a heart to heart with her.  We found out her concerns for being baptized and helped her know that she did not need to be concerned about them!  She is so good!!  Then she said she was going to ask her parents if she can be baptized!  Then we had a lesson over at a member’s home with our investigator, Shu Hui.  She’s our ward mission leader’s girlfriend.  Brother Keffe.  They are awesome.  We had Vietnamese food.  I loved it!!!! Then they were talking about the flat they were in and for a tiny little condo thing with like three rooms it’s around 2 million on like a 30 year contract!  But still!


Last night, after our ward dinner, we went to The Botanic Gardens.  We were on our way back to the bus stop and I decided to take a different path because I thought it was going to lead to somewhere cool.  We walked up the path and I was like, “dang”, it just led to a little pavilion thing.  Turns out this couple sitting in the pavilion recognized us and were like, “hey”.  I didn’t recognize them until we were chatting for a moment.  The lady was really excited to see us again and was wondering why we never called…we thought we had passed her to the 3rd Ward Sisters.   We got her number again and then she wanted our number.  We gave her the Book of Mormon and she was really excited.  She said, “I will read this!!”  Then she started to read a little when we left her.  I love seeing Heavenly Father answer our prayers because when we left I prayed for us to have a miracle as we went out!  I love it 🙂  Just the littlest promptings that don’t really seem huge can lead us to right where we need to be! 🙂


Sounds like everything is going great there.  Glad to hear you are branching out and eating with your hands! The Indians do that here, off of a bamboo leaf.


Love Sister Koford


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