Zone Conference Today


Sounds like fun there.  Black and White Days, Health Days….the world is moving along.  I’m so so so excited for Yvette.  That is awesome.  She is going to be such an amazing missionary, I know it!!  She is going to love it.  It feels like ages since I have seen your smiling, bright faces!


This week was really slow.  The work is slow lately, but miracles never cease!  We went out after church to find a lady and the first time we went nothing.  The next time her helper answered and confirmed she still lived there.  Then, the next time we went she wasn’t there but her helper gave us her number so hopefully we can get in touch with her!

IMG_0374IMG_0353 IMG_0378IMG_0380

We “dropped by” to visit someone (not a popular thing to do here…wooopsies) but she wasn’t there.   We tried everything and nobody would come to the door even though it was wide open.  So we said a prayer that somehow someone would come to the door if they were home.  Then we turned to go and the elevator opened and the lady’s daughter was there!  She gave us her number so that was a miracle!  The Lord works in ways you would never imagine.  On the way home I got to talk to this kid on the bus and give him a Book of Mormon.  I started the conversation by asking him why he was using two phones, haha.  One was for entertainment and one for social media.  They were big smart phones too.  I just thought, hmm Singapore, haha.


I’m glad to know you made it to Virgina safe, Dad!  Love you!  I will look for the package in the office later today.  Everyone is flying in for zone conference that is today and tomorrow.  It will be interesting because it’s President and Sister Mains last one.  Weird.  So, on the way here to email I ran into Caleb Lundhal Wolford, aka Elder Lundhal Wolford.  He was like best friends will all the kids I hung out with.  It was sooo good to talk for a second.  We are going to talk more later today and tomorrow.  It was like I was home for a second, ha.  It just made my day!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!



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