Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

IMG_0134Photo May 10, 7 52 54 PM
This week was pretty good. We got a HQ referral and we were just going to do it the next day because the last one we got the lady’s husband wouldn’t let us bring her the BoM, but we had our first dinner appt. and we decided to just do it before we went there. It was close by so we decided to go. We said a prayer to have the lady there and accept the BoM and Bible that was requested. Someone else had put the request in for her. So, we knocked and nothing. So, we knocked again and she was like, “who’s there”, and cracked the door open. We’re like, “Hi, is Summer Dew there”? It was her. She was shocked because she was the maid and it wasn’t her home. We gave her the books and told her who we were and she just broke down; she was so happy. She just started crying because she’s like, “It’s a miracle you came at this time because my employer would be angry if she knew you were here and was taking me away from doing chores, but thank you so much. It was my birthday just the other day and, wow, God is so good. Who sent you? How did you know I was here? Who sent you?” She was just was so happy and crying. It was so tender and a testament to me that people are ready and waiting. Ah, she melted my heart! She was so thankful, it was cool.

Then we met with our former investigator who has been in the mental hospital for a while and just got out and wanted us to come to her home an teach her. So, we went and she was really great. She seemed to be doing a lot better than she was in the hospital, we were teaching her about the Plan of Salvation and as I was talking about the Holy Ghost she was like, “Wow, I think I feel it”. I was like, “yep, that’s it”. Then she goes, “I think I want to be baptized”. I was like, “Okay, can. How about June 6”? She was like, “Ya, I really want to. I will work toward that”. She’s 29. Then she said, “My parents might not like me getting baptized but if they don’t agree we will do it in secret”. I was like, “Uhh, okay”. She told us they pray to Thai Gods. Then, the next day we were supposed to meet and have another lesson with a member present. We were on our way and gave her a call to tell her and she said she was out with her Dad so we couldn’t come, and, she wasn’t going to be baptized anymore. Her Dad didn’t like it. I was like, “Wonderful…” But, I guess she still has a mental condition so I don’t know what ya do.

Then in church I was teaching gospel principals and during the lesson I asked a question about how we could teach our children about a successful happy marriage. I just shared about how I personally have looked up to my parents as a good example of that and how we all can or have looked up to our parents in the past. Let me just note that only one investigator, two other people and the elders were in the room. Brother Yow decided to stop me and chastise and lecture for about 20 min about how we as missionaries need to quit acting like we are perfect. That’s how we lose investigators. He goes, “I know you’re from Utah so I’m sure you had the perfect ideal Mormon home growing up but people here don’t so you need to be more sensitive, blah, blah, hahaha, for like 20 min. I would have tried to cut him off but you just can’t. The Asians here don’t stop. They just keep talking no matter what. Finally, one of the Elders raised his hand and asked what my original question was. Thank goodness!

Oh, I have to sing in the bloody choir again… I love singing…. or I guess at least I will by the time I’m done.
Man, the people here in Singapore are just too busy for you or for anyone. They don’t want their kids to be baptized because they think it will interfere and take away from their studies. They are just crazy busy with work. No time for us. They kind of think the missionaries are a burden. It is such a stressful high paced place. Oh, also you CAN NOT just drop by homes, especially, the members. They get very angry and complain after you leave. We have been told not to just drop by!! I have noticed the people here get offended real easy.

Relief Society was almost a battle ground again, haha. It’s like, “People, church should not be stressful! Calm down”. They were arguing over weather personal study or family scripture study was more important!


It was sooo good to talk with you again!! I love and miss you guys like crazy!! You are the best!! Keep on being awesome, and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOM!!xoxoxoxo, ❤


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