No Octopus, Please.

This was a pretty good week!

IMG_0087IMG_0048I watched some of Meet The Mormons the other day.  Our ward was having a party then we watched it after, so that was fun.  At the Mothers Day party we had a miracle.  There is this lady who we always see and we chat with her.  We invited her to the party and she called us the morning of the party and said she was coming!!  Her and her two little girls came.  It was a blast.  They had fun until the dad kept calling her and was angry she was so long.  Also another miracle…we were talking to this guy and he came to General Conference but his mom was angry he came to our church.  So, we have just been apping him and he was arguing (kind of) with us for a couple days.  Then an answer to our prayers…he was like, “Ok, I’ll meet with you.  I’m only free on the weekends.  You tell me the place and time”.  So we met with him. He is an Anglican.  Then he started to question us and kinda just wanted to argue again… bummer, hahah. He said his pastor and Mom don’t like us meeting with him so he can’t anymore.


We met with Freyia and Tias again, the two investigators that just randomly walked into the church.  They are awesome.  They have a lot of questions which is alright except they have been reading anti stuff…. WHYYY?  I swear everyone here is exposed to anti.  It’s rather frustrating.  But Freyia said at the end of the lesson she still wants to learn more.  She said if she didn’t think we had some kind of truth she would have given us the BofM back and said, “No thanks”.  But she is interested… except she can’t meet for a month because of tests.  The schools around here are frustrating.  Everyone is so busy.  And Tias had to go back to Indonesia for a month because he’s not a resident.


Julie, our 15 year investigator, went to a Catholic church the other week… 😦 grr, haha.  Miri, our 2 year investigator, is still just as dry as ever, haha.  I feel bad the people here are sooo stressed with work, school and stuff.  It is like, ‘what can I even do’?  They have no time to meet or want to because they are so busy.


But, yesterday another miracle.  So, this guy who is a less active and has been ignoring our calls and sms’s let us into his home.  Granted, we just decided to drop by, not empty handed, however.  We made brownies, haha.  It was just his wife and baby at first.  He was gone to get his other two girls from gym.  He is from England, went on a mission to Columbus Ohio and his wife is Singaporian.  Cute family…and he let us in!! Wahooo!  We had a good chat with him.  They are way nice.  He wants us to come do a FHE for his girls.  He’s a cool dude, just needs the desire again.

Sister Kelley got a b-day package from her Mom and, of course, there were doubles of things for me!  Her mom is the sweetest lady!

So I am pretty sure I at my cookies like in a day, haha!  And I was devouring the crumbs at the bottom and realized the last big piece was bread!  Little did I know because of all the frosting colors the bread was so moldy, haha!  I about died when I realized.  But, hey, I am alive so it’s all good. (Note from Dad, It took about 7 weeks for the cookies to get to her!  We’ll try something different next time!)

Food wise, I really love a few things that I have tried:

Curry – the yellow kind.

Sushi!!! The salmon is my favorite. I tried octopus sushi the other day and uhhh, no way, haha.  I tried so hard but it wouldn’t go down.  I just had to throw it.


Aloe Vera…yep it’s good in everything.

So, I had to sing yesterday… gag.  I am no vocalist.  It was the Asia Area Multi Stake Conference and it was really good!

I was watching some home front videos on yesterday.  My favorite is called “I want drink”, it is really cute.

I think Rachel is going to Paris or in states, Wisconsin. IMG_0054

Sounds like you are all still as amazing as ever.  Keep it up! 🙂

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE: LOU 🙂 (Sister Sassy Koford) 😉


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