Next, Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

IMG_0028First things first! I got my package!!!! 🙂  Walked to the office right before emailing and there it was.  I was happy as a little lark!  The cookies are still moist!IMG_0031

IMG_0013This week was … not that amazing.  Still full of miracles, but I had a hard week.  It seemed like it was never going to end.  I wrote a letter that explains more but not a ton happened this week.  I had to lead the music in church… I was trying to focus so hard and then I looked down at Sister Kelley and she’s mouthing “SING” to me.  I was like oh, yeah, haha…whoopsies!  I am not musically inclined AT ALL! (She gets that from her Dad!)  And, they are having me sing at the Asia Area Multi Stake Conference next week…. We were practicing yesterday and the lady is making me sing alto… whatever that means.  So we were practicing and she kept making me do it over again, alone.  Then we were doing it together and she stops and looks at me funny and goes, “are you lost”??  I was just like, “uhh, no, I don’t think so”.  Apparently I was singing off key so we had to go over it again.  I almost tackled her off that piano bench and walked out.  I don’t even want to sing.  I hate singing!

IMG_0008We had so much to do at Church today, I almost had an anxiety attack!  There is so much to do on Sundays and you’re running around like crazy trying to talk to everyone and there are sooo many people.  I was frustrated because we had just finished teaching the restoration in a translation lesson and I had no idea what was being said.  I was supposed to teach and they’re all talking in Mandarin and I don’t know what’s going on.  I’m supposed to answer all these questions…ah man, it was frustrating.  Oh well, what do you do?

IMG_0023Last night I dang near got eaten by a lizard!  I was in our room and there was a lizard on the floor.  I thought it was a toy one because it looked fake.  So, I was just chatting and then I casually moved it with my foot a little….then it ran under my bed!!  It was a bit of a struggle getting to sleep after that, haha!  Ew.  Nasty thing!!

One of our less actives named Phay Chong is starting to come to church regularly.  That is so sweet! She is the coolest.

IMG_0021Sounds like things are going well there! I am glad grandma and grandpa are doing well.  Tell them I love them very much!!

I love you Mom and Dad!!

Love: Sister Koford 🙂



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