You never know when a miracle is going to happen!


Wow good email! I love the pics! National sibling day…Mav’s snowman, so funny. Miss going on walks!! And Sunday dinner, you just had to do it, huh? Haha. Man, I miss that! I miss the snow as well! 😦 It’ so sweaty here and I am pretty sure the sun is ten times as hot here, haha.

Transfers are today. I made it through my first one. It’s weird. I’ll probably stick with Sister Kelley and finish the last six weeks of my training with her!

Yesterday was a day full of miracles! Sister Kelley is convinced it is because of my diligence and willingness to work hard and push myself (because I had a bad headache yesterday and it was making me sick which I don’t understand because I drink water like crazy…at least like 4 liters a day!) However, I beg to differ. I think it’s just because the Lord is so merciful! We had a correlation meeting before church and we showed up about an hour before the meeting. A lady was showing a couple people the meeting times and then she saw us and was like, “Oh, they will help you”. So there was a guy and girl and they just walked into the church and wanted to attend today! We’re like, “cool, our meeting starts in an hour”. They said, “We will just explore”. We met them back in the chapel for sacrament and they sat through it with us. Then they needed to go so we had a quick lesson on the restoration with them. The girl, Friya, she is so interested. She wants to know everything! I was like, “woah” the whole time. This never happens! So we taught them and she said she always passes the church and thinks it is beautiful and she wants to start going to a church closer to where she lives. So that morning she prayed to God to know what church to go to and she decided to go to ours! She’s in our area and her guy friend lives with her. He is from Indonesia and his name is Tias. He also wants to learn more. She is so interested in it all!! So we got three new investigators yesterday. It was great.

A lady we have been trying to work with confirmed another apt. with us! Then after church we went home and I laid down for a few minutes because I felt sick still. Sister Kelley wanted to do some cold storage or looking for less actives. She was just going to take Sister Asanuma and let me rest. Not necessary! I pulled up my boots and went back to work! We went to this address where the notes said the person may be a reject so we were preparing ourselves to be yelled at. Well, we went and the lady was sweet she let us in gave us a yakut milk and let us talk. We found out why she hasn’t been coming for the last ten years or more. She still doesn’t want to come but is willing to let us contact her. We asked her to pray and told her we would be her friends. It was cool. She was so willing. After that we felt like we were on fire! Like, “Yes, this is why we came out here. So great! Then we got to talk to some more awesome people and give them cards and such. It was a great day!


It doesn’t rain everyday like I was told, but when it does, it does!! We did a beach clean-up service project. It was way fun. We also did a Christian service project cutting up sooo much chicken and garlic for the elderly. It was a riot!


I love You!!
Love your crazy daughter Sister Koford 🙂


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