Awsome Conference and Missionary Trials!

IMG_0107IMG_0115Wow, it is so good to hear from you. It seems like a lot has been going on! I can’t believe Kris is getting married!!!!! I am SOOO excited for her. Wow, I wish I could be there. She is going to be the most beautiful bride! 🙂 ahh so cool.

And for those battling cancer…I am keeping you in my prayers! You are all so strong! I am glad the Relief Society activity went well! It is so true what serving others will do for you!
IMG_0121IMG_0161This week was so great! I loved hearing General Conference! It is so true that conference is so much better when you are a missionary!!! I got so many notes and, wow, all the talks were so good. I couldn’t even take notes during Elder Holland’s talk. I was so into it! Elder Dale Renlund’s talk was really good too. I thought of Tre. I hope he is doing OK and listened to Conference! I loved conference so much! So many great things to take away. And it was mainly focused on family and Jesus Christ and I absolutely loved that. I prayed for a stronger testimony of Christ. I need to keep studying and learning! I can not wait to have a husband and family of my own! 🙂 I hope I can always keep Chirst at the center of my life! I also liked Elder Ballard’s talk in the Priesthood Session. It was wonderful!! Also, I loved the message about how we must LIVE the gospel, not just be part of it!!

IMG_0170IMG_0176On Thursday we went and saw a few people including Gabrielle at the mental hospital. She seemed to be doing better at first but by the end she was back into her own little fantasy world. It was sad, and another lady wanted in on our conversation and wanted us to get her out of there…she got escorted off. Then we went and visited a less active, Phay Chong. What a nice lady she has the raddest bowl hair cut I have ever seen, haha. She is a beauty therapist and is awesome. She came to one session of Conference and I hope she gets that fire to come back to church!

IMG_0159IMG_0233Then we went and saw Wemila. I don’t think we will be going back to visit her. She wanted us over so she could make us curry. She lives in a flat on the 12th floor of a janky little place. When we got to her flat she was still cooking. She said she likes to rock and roll when she cooks so she had the radio on real loud. Then she felt like we needed to watch TV while we waited. We tried telling her no, but she insisted. She turned on America’s Got Talent and turned it all the way up! Her flat is a tiny place and there is no table. The bed is in the living area. She had candles and flowers and made curry soup, salad, rice, grapes and some juice. I don’t know that I can say I have had a candle lit dinner in a minute, haha! Then she wouldn’t eat with us???? That made me wonder??? She just sat and smoked on the bed while we ate told us about how she went to the bar last night and drank. Then she started burning incense. I was about fumed out, haha. Then she was telling us how she smokes weed and how everyone should do it and even Jesus does it. I was speechless. Come on lady!!!! Then we tried to teach her but we could not get one single word in. I was getting so mad. I tried asking her the simplest questions and she would go on for a half hour about something totally different. Finally, I was like, Wemila, “stop”. “Let me ask you something”. “What do you want to get out of us coming to visit you?” “What do you want from us?” Then she went on forever about how she dislikes Singapore and the people. She said they are not children of God and they won’t be saved. She explained that she lives on the 12th floor because she thinks God is going to flood Singapore and she will be safe high up. I didn’t even get to finish my question. I was so irritated!! It was all I could do to contain myself! Then she said she wants us to come hang out and visit, oh, and we can talk about God a little bit. I went and sat on the bed next to her, grabbed the Book of Mormon off of her TV, slapped it on her lap and said, “Wemila”, “have you read this?” “How is your reading?” She said she hadn’t. She prays to God and he will save us. Then I realized she had alcohol in her mug. We have some WofW issues to work on! I was beginning to feel like this was a waste of our time. I asked her if she would read the Book of Mormon. It would help clear up some of her views on Christ and get her stories right. She told me no. I was not a happy camper at this point. She wouldn’t stop talking so I said, “alright, well, thanks for dinner and we have to go”. I was so frustrated as we left and then realized that she is not yet ready to be taught.

IMG_0189IMG_0216One night while walking home, the security guard, Shanka, that runs the other flats by us, always wants to stop and chat. I was hungry and wanted to go to bed. but Sister Kelley wanted to talk to him, so we did, and of course we were trapped talking for an hour… except this time he was so angry. I guess he just decided to tell us how he really felt. He went on about how he hates the Chinese and how they are so horrible. He is Indian. Then he went on about how awful his life is and how he makes no money. Then went on to tell us we shouldn’t be here because the people here don’t need our message. They just need to be left alone and they are all angry too…..blah, blah. Then he told us we shouldn’t carry our bible around with us and on and on and on. He said he doesn’t need God in his life especially when times are tough. The whole time I wanted to just tell him why we are here and share my testimony with him, but once again, I couldn’t get a word in. He just kept a talking. So when he was going on about how we don’t need God when times are tough, I stopped him and said, “Stop right there, Shanka”. “Why in the world do we need God at all, what the heck is the point?” He just went on about how we have different Gods blah, blah…. I said, “Alright, we have to go. Have a goodnight”. He said, “We can still be friends”. I was so sad to see how much hate he had when he was talking (or more like yelling) to us. He finally said, “Don’t worry, we will see you sometime”. The only thing I could think of was, ya, in the next life when your saying, “sorry I wish I would have listened to you”. It was his last night at that job so I’ll never see him again. As I walked away I was so sick to my stomach. I felt bad. He seemed to have such a hard life but he wouldn’t open his mind to the Gospel. I shed a tear as I walked back to my flat. I felt hurt. I never have had anyone challenge me as a missionary so much. It made me so thankful to know I have a loving Father in Heaven who loves me. I felt so thankful; more than I ever have for my testimony and the knowledge I have. I went home and said one of the most sincere prayers I have ever said!

IMG_0220IMG_0242Sister Kelley and I went to the light show at Marina Bay one night. It was so awesome!! The mall at Marina Bay has all the most high end stores like Gucci, Louis Vuttan, Frarri etc. So it was cool to see all the expensive stores.

IMG_0104IMG_0209I got a letter from April Sandars. She’s a sweetheart. I hope Grandma and Grandpa are both healthy! I love them.

IMG_0113I love you so much 🙂
Sister Koford


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