Happy Easter!!!


This week was pretty stellar. I can’t believe it is Easter.  So, Sister Nixon had to get her appendix out the other day so we took her to the hospital and wow was it nice!! Like a five star hotel and the bathroom was my favorite part!! Heated toilet seat and a bidet (boo-day) haha.  Wow, was that nice.  But I should have turned the pressure down the first time!! Haha.  I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard, by myself, in the bathroom, ever, haha.  It was great.  I need to get one of those things!


I met Keith Jorgensen’s granddaughter, Sister Dennis. She was here from Malaysia for a STL meeting. She seemed so nice.  I only got to talk for a second.


Our Muslim investigator, Juhari is sooo eager to learn and wants to take us all over so he took us to lunch one day at the hakar stand by where we live.  I just wanted some fried rice so I got that and a longoon drink.  It was so good until I looked down and there were tentacles in my rice!!! I was eating squid and crab fried rice.  It wasn’t too bad, surprisingly.  I just didn’t look at the tentacles as I ate, haha.  I was a little wierded out.  He came to church yesterday and then after we got home we got 7 sms from him.  He was telling sister Kelley how much love he has for her and then he asked her to take his hand in marriage and he hoped she would accept, hahah!!!  I was dying!  Thank goodness it wasn’t me.  I might have been rude.  He is like 60, divorced and has five kids. Come to find out he doesn’t live in our boundaries so we’re going to pass him to the Bedok elders if he really wants to continue to learn.


I had to give a talk in church yesterday…. and the day before the bishopric messaged us and told me it needed to be 20 instead of 10 min…. I was not happy because I had been struggling to come up with my talk already!  But I did it and when I was going to go up and talk I said a little prayer to help me not be nervous and when I got up there I really enjoyed it and felt so comfortable.  It was so weird to me but I know my prayer was definitely answered!  What a testimony builder!  It was great!  Even though the material wasn’t the greatest, I felt alright saying it and I made sure to look semi cute, haha!  After that, Sister Kelley and I had to teach Gospel Principals.  It was a busy day, but it was soo good.  I love talking about the gospel and bearing testimony of the things I know and continually growing and adding to my testimony every day! 🙂

IMG_0144 (2)

I can’t wait to listen to General Conference next week!  It is going to be soo good.  I got to listen to the General Women’s meeting a couple days ago and wow, was that good!  I hope you got to listen.  It was sooo good!  I can’t wait to have a family of my own and be a wife and mother! 🙂 Families are so important and it’s so important to have Christ at the center of our families!  I choked up a few times watching the videos they showed and listening to the speakers.  It made me think of home a lot and the times we had watching.  It made me think of you, mom, and how incredible you are.  I am so thankful for you and your testimony.  You are such a strong woman. Thank you for teaching me all you have!  It also made me think of my wonderful sisters and what amazing mothers and daughters of God they are and will be.  I am so incredibly grateful for you all and I love you all so much.  I hope we can work together and make our family stronger as women in this gospel!


And dad, I love your guts as well.  I would not be where I am today without you. You’re kinda included in the women of my life, just not as a woman, hahah.  I am just as grateful for you as I am for them.    You’re the best!! 🙂


Sister Koford 🙂IMG_0065


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