You know you’re a good missionary when you burn a hole in your shoes!

So, you know you’re a good missionary when you burn a hole in your shoes!

IMG_0018…or the escalator got hungry!  Yep, I am in definite need of some new shoes now. I am thinking of sending all the others home and just getting some jellies and another pair of those comfy crocs. They were my fav. I might sell my black ones to my comp. She needs new shoes bad and they hurt my feet.

IMG_0003HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRATERS!! Your Aunt Lou loves you soo soo much. I will send him a card when I send Dad’s.  His is comin up here real soon, haha. And if you could send the simple caramel recipe from your ipad that I always made, that would be great.  And the recipe for hamburger rolls and anything else you can think of. (Note from Dad:  She is leaning to be a cook!)

IMG_0501IMG_0508IMG_0516IMG_0510IMG_0514We did a service project this week. We took the old folks on an airport tour, haha.  It was so fun and soo entertaining!  They are fun to be around.  One of the ladies next to us was taking her pants off and just going diaper free on the seat.  I was dying!!  It was a challenge trying to keep everybody on the up and up! In the airport there was this lady who was just singing at the top of her lungs. It was great!  We got to eat prata and curry with them.  It was a great time.  Really. I enjoyed myself.P1080952

IMG_0490We taught an interesting lady yesterday. Such a nice lady but, she has a few issues. She wants to be baptized but thinks Jesus is like Moses and he built a boat and all these things…first man on the earth. etc.  So, we have some straightening out to do before we dunk her.  She wants us over for chicken curry and wine.  When we told her we don’t drink wine, she said, “Jesus does and it makes him happy.  Wine is not a bad thing!”  I told her, “yeah, well we’ll talk about that next time as well. Her name is Wemila and she lives up to that name for sure.  She also has a younger brother that’s kind of in the same boat, so to speak.  He’s 49 and the tinyest little ripped man who has some of the same strange ideas.  He shakes our hand and says, “God bless you” and then talks super fast.

IMG_0481It really would be convenient if I knew Mandarin!  Life would be so much easier!

IMG_0006We had a lesson with a less active and he was really stressed and wanted to stop meeting with us because he just doesn’t know if he believes everything.  He said after he was baptized all these bad things happened to his family, etc.  We continued talking to him and we asked him how he felt when he was baptized and then when he got the Holy Ghost.  He just paused, stared at us and then started crying.  He said he felt like he did just then.  He cried and said he would try and make it to church.  He didn’t make it this week but it was cool to see the spirit touch him.  There is so much anti stuff here it’s crazy.  Every one of our investigators gets it from someone.

P1080004We were supposed to have a big “Meet the Mormons” showing at our church on Saturday but dang Lee Kuan Yew had to die so we postponed it.  We had given out thousands of flyers to people and couldn’t contact them to tell them it was postponed. Good thing not very many people showed up but this work is nuts, haha!  I feel awesome when I hand people things and they want to know more!  There was this guy who was wanting to meet and learn more.  He is muslum but he’s from Singapore so he is fair game to teach, hehehe! 🙂  Then some guy found another set of missionaries and ran off the MRT just to give them a note for me and my companion.  He wanted to meet with us toady around 1-4.  The note had his number so we could call him but the sisters lost the note…ha, really cool.

P1080983I learned so much in my personal studies lately!! 🙂 This morning I was reading in 2 Nephi and, bam, it hit me (2 nephi 29) all about why we need the Book of Mormon.  I just want all those people who think we need just the Bible to read that!!  Ah, it was so awesome.

Thank you for all your love and support.  It means the world to me!  I believe we are headed to China Town for p-day.  Should be fun!

Love, Sister Koford


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