….many others waiting for this message!



This week was pretty good! It is soo good to read all your emails and hear about everything! 🙂 I absolutely LOVE it 🙂  You all sound like you’re having fun.  The “running over the cat”/“sister missionary” story is hilarious.  I was just laughing out loud! :p haha.  I got letters from Dad and Jack on Tuesday or Wednesday!  I love getting mail!!! 🙂  Best thing ever!  I’m sending another one today! That is so fun you all get to go to Oregon!  I hope you all have the best time ever!! 🙂  My friend is Sister Berry. She’s in Portland.  They all (my MTC district) are in Portland.  A few are actually at the visitor’s center: Sisters Vest, Benson, and Graft.  They were cool sisters.  Today we’re going to the beach for p day 🙂  I’m pretty excited to just kick it in the sand along the Singapore ocean side 😉 ahh.  But ice skating was fun last week as well.  I can’t wait to go to Chinatown.  We were going to go today but the beach called my name instead!  I am going to figure out what I don’t want and send it home slow boat or whatever.  No sense having a ton of crap.  Also, if I could get some recipes?  I am like a fish out of water on what to make for food. I would go out all the time but some days my feet are sore so I’d rather just cook a little something at home.  Even though food here is outlandish!  Also, if you could be so kind to send some multivitamins and prenatal pills.  I would love you!!  They are way too expensive here and I need to be healthy and have my hair grow!:)   So, I’m going to have to watch the calories. We always get home from a long day and deep fry everything.  Haha.  Oreos, Kit Kats, but my fav is pineapple rolled in cinnamon sugar! 🙂


This week was good except one day was hard.  I think it was Thursday. One of our “so called golden investigators”, the one I invited to be baptized again, decided she didn’t want to become a Mormon.  She previously had a date to be baptized before I got here but then some lady heard she was going to join our church and said she thinks God needs her to know who He is in the bible, so she bailed out.  Things were going so well with her and we felt the spirit so strong!  She was full of the spirit but would only talk about the bible which was frustrating to me.  Then we woke up one morning and she sent us a 20 page message about why she isn’t going to become Mormon with all this anti Mormon stuff.  Man, that was kind of a slug to the gut in the morning!  Then the whole day was just frustrating.  We had put so much time and energy into her. That day I realized the emotional part the mission entails!  But we picked our heads up and said there are too many other people out there waiting for this message.  I can’t get caught up on this one even though I wanted to!IMG_0447IMG_0448

The other day we finally got to get out of the house.  That is a rare thing during this training period. We went looking for former investigators.  I realized how hot it gets here.  I was sweating and red faced.  It was great.  Not a single person answered the door…. whatever, haha.  I was so tired.  As we were walking around there was this guy who was talking to us for a minute then we had to go and he just was chatting away!  He followed us for a sec just chatting…I can only understand a little of what people say still so I’m smiling and nodding my head, haha.  But then we thought we ditched him because we ran across the road to a bus stop.  Next thing I know this fella is bounding across the street yelling, “sister, sister”!!  Haha.  I was like, “oh boy here we go again”!  But he was so nice!  He had bought us a lemon barley juice box!  Then he proceeded to thank us for our service.  He didn’t want the church but he knew God was good.  He just wanted us to pray for him and his daughters then proceeded to kiss our feet and bow down to us like 700 times. Such a nice fella.IMG_0462IMG_0456IMG_0450

I got some fresh fruit and fresh watermelon juice along the road.  It was yummy. We went to Little India for lunch one day at a vegetarian Indian place.  It was good!  Then we went and got a pic with some Indian women and in front of a Hindu temple which was pretty sweet! Man, the smells here really get to you sometimes!!  You just all of a sudden walk two feet and BAM another smell.  Sometimes I gag!


Emailing is the most stressful part of my entire week!  I wanna say so much and chat, but have limited  time!





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