Greetings from Singapore!!

IMG_0270Whew, I can’t believe I have made it this far.  My first p day. It has been a pretty alright week I guess you could say. That first night here was a little rough! Haha, jet lag is a real thing! Then the next day I got my new companion. Her name is Sister Kelly. She is from Georgia. She is pretty great! She really loves movies and tv and wants to be an actress. We live right next to the church which is nice. Also live with the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Parcell from Provo, super blonde hair, and Sister Asunauma from Japan. They are really fun to live with. Only thing is they are all going to be gone within the next 6 months… that is super hard!!  They talk about it a lot so I kind of hate it but I just smile 🙂 Sis Kelly and I are in the Toa Payoh Ward so I met them yesterday. They are all so great people, everyone treats the missionaries like royalty. We came out of church with like 6 bags of groceries, ha, and I had to get up in sacrament and chat for a min., haha.  Yeah, still shake in my boots every time, haha.  Then there is this little senile lady.  She’s old and was eating so loud during class and would just burp so loud, haha, I was laughing.  Then in relief society the piano player lady was pounding sooo hard I couldn’t help but laugh! After church we met with one of our investigators and the lesson went on forever! All she could talk about was the bible this the bible that.  I just wanted to say, “look ya lady, read the bom and then we can talk! Ha.  After we had dinner at the Abbotts (senior missionaries).  Then we went with the Chinese sisters to contact at the botanical gardens! OH MY, so beautiful!  My day was a little rough until this last part! We got there and had a little sun left so we were walking around just chatting to everyone, you know, came across a little pond with sooo many turtles and a couple black swans. The turtles would just like to come close to you then run.  It was so funny. Saw some stars. My comp said she hasn’t seen stars in her whole mission! We only saw a few but it was wonderful to look up and see the sky! Then after that we were on the bus home and I decided to sit next to this lady and we were just chatting about life and she wondered what the difference was between her Christian and my Christian.  So I told her we have the bom and she wondered about it so I told her about it and then gave her one!! woop woop I gave away my first bom  If anyone knows me that is an accomplishment, ha.  I know it’s not that awesome but it was my first so it was special to me! She wouldn’t take a Meet the Mormons card but was excited to get a book.  Hmm, strange. Ha, my night was complete! 🙂

We taught one of our investigators Miri. She’s 16 and a sweetheart. She’s been meeting with the missionaries for like 2 years and can’t get baptized until she’s 18. We didn’t know what to talk to her about.  She’s been taught everything like twice so we decided to go over the baptism questions with her. She wasn’t sure about Joseph Smith and has been struggling with an addiction for about 2 years. When she told us this she just broke down crying so hard. She was like, “I want to quit, it’s so hard, I want to be better”. She felt like she shouldn’t be in the church but we told her she was always welcome. My heart sank when she was so scared to tell us. It was when we asked if she had ever committed a serious crime and that’s when she told us. I wasn’t expecting that response from that question but that’s how she interpreted it. Whew, it was a good lesson overall. On our way home this guy name Shaunka was talking to us for a bit. He’s hindu. He’s like, “just do everything you do in life with love, especially when you cook!” Ha, I thought it was some good advice!

We went and did service at Willing Hearts one morning, it is a place where they make food for people in need, so we cut up veggies for a while and then went inside where they were cooking and I got to hold this giant fish,, my hands smelled like fish the rest of the day. Oh my, haha.  The second day I was here we went to Little India. It is a cool place but I had a headache was tired and didn’t feel that great and oh, my gosh, I almost barfed!  The smells of everything was too much! Haha. Really thought, “you have got to be kidding me!” I ate a naan and some butter chicken but could hardly get it down!

I also ate, oh my, this huge thing of fish the other day!  It was dory and chips. It was deep fried so it was alright! Maybe it was because we had fasted all day and I was starving.  I could not be sure, haha. But everything here is so expensive!! Working out is so hot, oh my, haha, sweaty!!  We usually go play soccer in the mornings with a bunch of missionaries but I think if I don’t want to get fat I am going to have to up my game and do some workouts on my own.

I got in the country after being hassled for a while by immigration. I got my 90 days, ha. The lady didn’t want to give me 90.  When that is up, I will go to either Malaysia or Indonesia and shop and play for a bit then come back and hopefully be let back in for another 90.  If not, they might give me 30 or less days.  Or if they don’t let me back in, I’ll stay in Malaysia for a bit. It’s sketchy business, haha.

I have been able to learn a lot during personal and comp study! I LOVE reading the Book of Mormon now. I can understand it so much better and get what is going on, haha.  Not that I didn’t before, but now I just get so much out of it. I could read it for hours and be okay with life.

My adress is
253 Bukit Timah Road 5th floor

Singapore 259690


I sent you a letter today so you’ll get it in a while. Sorry, it was like the second day here so it’s not that pleasant but I just needed to write!

Sounds like you are all doing well, glad to hear! 🙂 I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!


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