Prepare Singapore, Here She Comes!

Sister Koford will leave the MTC on Monday so she may not get a chance to send another email before then.  She will travel to Singapore with her companion, Sister Roberts, and Elder Riddle from Australia.  She says she is picking up a little Aussie accent from him.  From her letters, it sounds like the MTC has kept her busy and pretty tired.  She has really enjoyed the awesome spirit she has felt while being there as well as all the things she has been able to study and learn.  She has also really enjoyed her district.  She said they have been like a little family.  In fact she met Sister Berry (the blonde one in the picture…going to Portland) before she left so it was a small miracle that they ended up in the same district!  It doesn’t sound like she has been all that impressed with the food…she misses her cheese!  She loves getting mail so if you have a chance to sent her a note, please do.  I’ll post more if we hear from her.  Otherwise, we’ll look forward to hearing from her from Singapore.

Lindsey's MTC District


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