First Letter!!!

What’s up My Familia!!,

WHATS UP MI FAMILIA!! – Inbox – Yahoo Mail

My goodness it is so good to hear from all of you! I am seriously having a freakin party! 🙂 I love all the people in my district! And my companion is way chill! We get along quite well. My butt is probably the size of Texas by now for sitting so long… i hate sitting!!!!! It’s the worst thing ever but I really am enjoying learning so much! It’s so great. The spirit is so strong and it’s incredible. I got to go to the temple this morning. Just did initiatories and sat in the celestial room for a while. It was so nice. I love going to the temple. Yesterday i went to a movie thing by Elder Bednar and it was sooo good!! i learned so much about Christ. I hope i can become just like him one day! The food is ehh alright. i got a hamburger one day and it was solid as a rock, but steak was good for fast Sunday. The days feel soo long here! And they don’t let you go to bed till like 1030! lame so I’m super tired all the time but WHATEVER I love it! 🙂 I can’t wait to go to Singapore! I am seriously stoked to teach people the gospel  The spirit is really the one teaching I just have to put myself out there and open my mouth. haha I cant wait for you to read my letters some funny things have happened while i was teaching. Ya, it was emberassing. Oh, also the cool story of me just role playing in class with one of the elders and he was the pretend investigatior and for real started to cry when I taught him. He said i brought the spirtit so strong and had a vision of me just being an amazing missionary! it was soo cool to me and I wanted to cry with him! umm i hate sleeping on a twin bed… but its just me and Sister Roberts in our room which is way nice. Thanks for the skirt I left. How is everyone doing? How’d
the party go?LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH thank you for all the love and support it means the world to me! big hug big kiss little hug little kiss.. 🙂 xoxoxo
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